Retired RCMP officer Mark Bourque. (CP Photo/Journal de Montréal)

United Nations security officials have entered Haiti's largest slum to look for the killers of retired RCMP officer Mark Bourque.

The 57-year old and another Canadian officer were driving close to the slum on the outskirts of Port-au-Prince when they came under attack Tuesday morning.

Bourque was shot in the leg, and later died of his injuries.

"We've been able to go into Cité Soleil and arrest gang leaders," said UN spokesperson David Wimhurst. "It's an extremely dangerous operation. They're heavily armed and they fire upon UN soldiers who are involved in these operations."

Wimhurst said forensic experts will examine bullet fragments found in Bourque's car. "From that we may be able to start to get a picture of who was involved."


U.N. Canadian peacekeepers carry the coffin of U.N. Canadian Peacekeeper Mark Bourque during a ceremony at the U.N. Hospital in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. (AP photo)

Foreign Affairs Minister Pierre Pettigrew said Canada is working with both the UN and the Haitian government to find the gunmen.

He said his department is advising people to be "very wary" of travelling to Haiti unless it's absolutely necessary. "It is a very volatile situation."

Gaston Desormeaux, and president of the Montreal RCMP Veterans' Association and a friend of Bourque's for more than 20 years, said the shooting will make other French-speaking Canadian officers think twice before going to the Caribbean nation.

Bourque, who was from Stoneham, Que., was in Haiti as part of the United Nations Stabilization Mission to help train local police officers ahead of the country's Jan. 8 presidential elections.

There are 125 active and retired RCMP officers on duty in the Caribbean nation as part of an international police force that is trying to bring order ahead of the vote.

Haitian journalist Guyler Delva said Cite Soleil is a "dangerous place for everyone." He said the gangs often block roads to prevent UN vehicles from getting through.

"There have been numerous kidnappings and attacks on citizens and UN security agents. Gangs have on several occasions shot at UN troops and police because they think those guys are their enemies."

Pettigrew said the shooting won't alter Canada's commitment to security in Haiti. "We are committed to improve the security so those elections are held," he said.