A 50-year-old man allegedly robbed $1 from an Oregon bank and then waited for police to arrest him so he could get medical treatment, sheriff's deputies said.


50-year-old Tim Alsip allegedly robbed an Oregon bank of $1 then sat down to wait for police to arrest him.

"This is a holdup. Give me a dollar," Tim Alsip allegedly wrote on a note passed to a Bank of America teller in Portland Friday.

The suspect got the dollar and his wish; police arrived and arrested him on robbery charges.

Clackamas County Sheriff's Office spokesman Mark Nikolai said deputies learned that Alsip wanted to be arrested so he could get medical treatment. He has repeatedly sought police attention in the past week, flagging down police and urging citizens to call 911 on him.

Nikolai said Alsip also called 911 himself complaining of dental pain and drug overdoses.