England's wettest January since records began was followed in February by lashing winds which continued to batter the country's south western coast on Thursday.

The windy weather came as thousands of hectares of land remained under water in Somerset, also in the south west, where weeks of rain have left thousands of homes without power.

On Thursday, the government pledged £30 million towards flood repairs amid criticism it did not act fast enough to help those hit by the floods. The government had previously pledged £100 million in maintenance.

A small detachment of marines arrived in Somerset, 230 kilometres southwest of London, on Thursday evening to help with flood rescue efforts and more are expected to arrive in the coming days.

Britain's Meteorological Office has issued an amber warning across the whole of the west and parts of the south west of England, which means there is an increased likelihood of wind and called on residents to be prepared for the worsening weather.

Another band of heavy rain is due to sweep across southern Britain on Thursday night into Friday. Low pressure is then expected to bring more rain and very strong winds into Saturday