Transcript: First responders to Ohio missing women

Listen to the 911 call between the dispatcher and police officers sent to 2210 and 2207 Seymour Ave. in Cleveland, Ohio, after getting a call from Amanda Berry, who had been missing for a decade.

'We've got a female ... she's got a young child with her'

A 911 operator talks with the police officers who are first on the scene at a house in Cleveland, Ohio where three women, missing for a decade, were found. 3:41

Officers are sent to 2210 and 2207 Seymour Ave. in Cleveland, Ohio, on Monday after getting a call from Amanda Berry, who had been missing for a decade.

Transcript of 911 operator speaking to officers:

First officer: This is Adam 2-3 you got a boss coming? This might be for real (sounds of distressed person in background).

Female dispatcher to another male officer: Radio to boss.

Second officer: I’m heading over (he confirms address with dispatcher, rest of conversation is garbled).

Dispatcher: OK

First officer: Copy. There might be others in the house (garbled). Georgina DeJesus might be in this house also.

Another officer announces arrival at house.

Dispatcher: Is there anybody who hasn't called out who is there? Just so I'm aware of everybody who is there.

Third Officer responds. Officer asks for address again. Dispatcher responds.

Third Officer: Sam 22 to Sam 24 to Sam 25. Why don't you call me at 09?

First officer: Adam 23 radio (sounds of crying women).

Dispatcher: Go ahead.

First officer: We found them. We found them (more crying in the background).

Dispatcher: Copy.

Second officer: Get a (garbled) over here please. EMS please.

Another male officer: I have a 22-year-old (garbled) Seymour.

Second officer: Send us EMS here. We've got a female, she's breathing ... she's got a young child with her.

First officer: Make it two.

First officer: 22 to radio. We also have a Michelle Knight in the house. I don't know if you want to look that up in the system. 32 years old.

Dispatcher: OK I copy.