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White House staff told to preserve Russia-related materials

White House lawyers have instructed the president's aides to preserve materials that could be connected to Russian interference in the 2016 election and other related investigations, three administration officials said Wednesday.

Donald Trump has young, undocumented immigrants living in fear

Hundreds of thousands of young, undocumented immigrants to the U.S. are uncertain about their futures because of Donald Trump's victory. He promised to reverse a program started by President Barack Obama that protects them from deportation. Will he follow through on that pledge?

Donald Trump is Time's person of the year

Donald Trump is Time magazine's person of the year. The president-elect's selection was announced Wednesday morning on NBC's Today show.

A look at Donald Trump's presidential transition to-do list

Since winning the Nov. 8 U.S. election, Donald Trump has spent much of his time hunkered down with advisers in his Trump Tower in Manhattan as he prepares to become the country's 45th president on Jan. 20. Here's a brief overview of what he's crossed off his transition to-do list and what's left.

Shades of Ralph Nader: Did Gary Johnson and Jill Stein tip the 2016 U.S. election?

Gary Johnson and Jill Stein, the respective candidates of the Libertarian and Green parties, combined for enough votes to make the difference for Hillary Clinton. But unlike Ralph Nader and George W. Bush in 2000, the numbers don't back up blaming Johnson and Stein for Donald Trump.

'Majority rule' not the only path to democracy, defenders of U.S. electoral college say

U.S. Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton lost the election but will likely win the popular vote, an outcome that has frustrated many of her supporters who believe it's time to scrap the electoral college political system. But there are those in the U.S. who still see merit in its preservation.

Pollsters missed the call by failing to spot Trump's support among white voters

The tea leaves have yet to reveal why the polls missed the call on Tuesday night, but the results of the U.S. election make it clear what the polls missed: Donald Trump's support among white Americans was much higher than anyone expected.

'How could we be so wrong?': Clinton's stunning election loss floors supporters

The polls were wrong - nearly all of them. The victory party never materialized. But the repudiation was there. Just not the repudiation that Hillary Clinton had expected.

U.S. election: Weird things to reflect on besides the presidential battle

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton don't have a monopoly on all things bizarre in Election 2016.

A Clinton win or a Trump surprise: A viewer's guide to election night in America

If Hillary Clinton's election night unfolds as the polls suggest, she could be readying her victory speech before midnight. If it doesn't, Americans may not know who will be their next president until the early hours of the morning.

Hillary Clinton's stronger ground game could make the difference in the U.S. election

The success of the parties to get out the vote could be a significant, if not deciding, factor in tonight's election. And on that score, it would seem that Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton has an advantage over Republican candidate Donald Trump.

Americans can vote from space, so why not from U.S. island territories?

An American can vote from outer space. But from American soil on any of the five U.S. island territories? No such luck.

Electionland sleuths on the hunt for U.S. voting irregularities, intimidation

With Donald Trump bringing up the spectre of a "rigged" election and fears of voter fraud rampant on social media, an ambitious project involving several organizations will look to separate fact from fiction on U.S. election day Tuesday.

At Southern sorority, Trump's women problem just not 'as big of a deal'

They’re millennials. They’re female. They’re educated. They believe in equal rights for women. And you can bet these college students are voting for Donald Trump.

Hackers may try to stir up trouble but will likely have little impact on U.S. election results

Cyberattackers, who have already caused all sorts of mischief in the U.S. election campaign, could attempt to wreak electoral havoc this Tuesday. But just how likely is it that hackers will disrupt the election?