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Calgary app connects active Canadians with new gym buddies

Hafiz Mitha launched an app called PlayCity a few years ago, which helps sports and gym enthusiasts find people to play or work out with.

Puccini, Plinko and a tasty tour: What's on in Calgary this weekend

Better late than never. After a prolonged snowy spring, the warmer weather is set to hit this weekend. With it comes every opportunity to break out of hibernation mode and hit up some entertainment.
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Canada returns to peacekeeping, but we're no Ethiopia

A deeper dive into the day's most notable stories with The National newsletter's Jonathon Gatehouse.

Climbers on Alaska peak may need to pack out more of their poop

The waste can be more than just bothersome. Climbers on Denali, the centerpiece of sprawling Denali National Park, get all their drinking water by melting snow.
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Norwegians get richer as sovereign wealth fund adds billions

A deeper dive into the day's most notable stories with The National newsletter's Jonathon Gatehouse.
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Michael Flynn's lie to FBI could mean trouble for Trump

A deeper dive into the day's most important stories with The National's Jonathon Gatehouse.

Islander airlifted off Everest trail after contracting a parasite

About a week into Susan Walsh's ascent to Everest base camp, she and her husband had to abandon their journey when she fell ill.

Meet Yeti, the so-called abominable snowman that science yet again says is just a bear

DNA analysis on purported "Yeti" specimens found they belonged to three kinds of bears and a dog.

Toronto couple brings their #vanlife to the One of a Kind Show

The One of a Kind Show draws eccentric artisans from across Canada to Toronto. But only two of them got there in the business van they also call home.

Canadian Forces officer named one of Canada's 100 most powerful women

Lt.-Cmdr. Kelly Williamson describes being named to Top 100 list of Canada's most powerful women as humbling.

20 Canadian ideas to improve child health win support from Grand Challenges

Twenty Canadian projects have won Grand Challenges funding, among them an Uber-like connection that can help get pregnant women in Kenya to health care; a 3D printer project to provide orthotic devices for Nepali children with clubfoot and scoliosis; and a microchip that can figure out what pathogen is causing diarrhea in children in Bangladesh.

Liberals plan six-year, $760M spending spree for Canadian embassy security in fiscal update

Canada's foreign embassies and diplomatic outposts are getting new funds to bolster their security and some analysts say it is badly needed.

Hindus celebrate Diwali: the festival of lights

The colourful celebration of Diwali began Thursday this year marking the triumph of good over evil and the Hindu new year.

'On top of the world': Islander journeys through the Himalayan mountains

Ian Handrahan left P.E.I. for the Himalayas earlier this month and has spent the last few weeks trekking through Nepal's little villages in the sky and climbing mountains above the clouds.

'I knew he was a star': Former refugee releases CD on P.E.I.

He arrived on P.E.I. a decade ago from a Bhutanese refugee camp. Now Parshu Giri is about to release his first CD.