New leads have sparked a massive search for Swiss twin girls, missing since their Canadian father disappeared with them more than two months ago from their hometown of Lausanne.

Swiss police said Thursday an international search team made up of 145 police officers and investigators and 26 sniffer dogs has swept an area where the Boiron River flows into Lake Geneva near Morges in Switzerland. The search team also utilized an underwater remote-controlled vehicle.

Six-year-old Alessia and Livia Schepp disappeared from nearby Lausanne on Jan. 30 in the company of their father, Matthias Schepp. Schepp, who was born in Toronto, later killed himself in Italy.

He and the girls' mother had separated about six months before. Swiss police later said he wrote his estranged wife a letter before his death, saying he had killed his daughters and intended to kill himself.

Police say witnesses have come forward to say they saw a man pulling a suitcase near Boiron beach on the day the girls went missing.

The search will resume Friday.