Officials say firefighting crews are making progress against a massive Central Texas wildfire and have its biggest flames surrounded.


Eric Kemper sorts through the debris that remain of his home after it was destroyed as wildfires burned out of control near Bastrop, Texas. ((Mike Stone/Reuters))

Smouldering hotspots remain Thursday across some 115 square kilometres blackened by the destructive Bastrop County blaze. But a spokesman for a team assisting the Texas Forest Service says crews have been able to tame many of the big flames.

Rudy Evenson says the major concern now is wind sparking hotspot flare-ups or fanning flames outside the surrounded area.

Nearly 1,400 homes have been destroyed about 40 kilometres east of Austin and about 5,000 residents have been forced to leave their homes.

Neighbourhoods outside the area where the fire already has burned will reopen Thursday. Evenson couldn't immediately say how many of the evacuees live in those neighborhoods.