A Texas teenager, Lucy Millsap, has defeated her rivals to win the Okie Noodling competition, in which she hauled a massive catfish out of a dark, murky hole using her bare hands. 

The 19-year-old champion explained how she won the bare-hand catfish noodling competition to CBC Radio's As It Happens.

"Sometimes you've got to tease them out of the hole," Millsap says of her noodling technique.

"Whenever they actually initially bite down on you, it isn't pretty and it sure does not feel good," the former cheerleader says.

Millsap says her father, who taught her how to noodle and was with her at the Oklahoma competition, was proud of her feat in hauling out the 32-kilogram whopper.

"To get up there with my dad's last name and get to claim a prize like this, and get this kind of recognition, I know he's proud," she says.

As for what happened to the fish — that's a mystery.

"We didn't take it home, so we have no idea where the fish went."