A Tennessee man who had a taste of internet fame after posting videos of the antics of his pet raccoon online is fighting to get his pet back, after a wildlife agency seized his raccoon Rebekah.

Mark Brown tells CBC Radio's As It Happens that the raccoon was taken away because he didn't have the right paperwork to possess a wild animal.

But he's confident that he's a good caregiver, saying that everyone has a calling and he is "good at knowing raccoon behaviour."

"If you get them at an early age, especially when their eyes are closed, they are imprinted — they don't know that they are a raccoon," he said. "I don't recommend anyone going out and catching a raccoon that is already partially grown, or still with its mother with its eyes open or three months old, because them things, they'll rip your face off."

Rebekah and a previous raccoon called Gunshow were featured dancing, goofing around and even showering with Brown in videos the Tennessee man posted online.

Brown says it's "more than likely" that the videos are what set the wildlife agency after him, but he still hopes to get his pet back.