Relentless media coverage of the U.S. presidential election caused a frustrated four-year-old girl to burst into tears this week, with the child's mother catching the cathartic release on video.

"I'm tired — I'm tired of Bronco Bama and Mitt Romney," Abigael Evans told her mother, Elizabeth Evans, as the Colorado child's eyes welled up after hearing what her mother calls "one too many mentions of the election" on NPR news.

In the video, posted to YouTube, Elizabeth Evans can be heard reassuring her daughter that the campaign will be over in "only a few more days."

Upon seeing the video and agreeing that the public is likely experiencing election fatigue, NPR released a personal apology "to Abigael and all the many others who probably feel like her."

In the statement, NPR blogger Mark Memmott writes: "We must confess, the campaign's gone on long enough for us, too. Let's just keep telling ourselves: 'Only a few more days, only a few more days, only a few more days.'"