Suspect in deadly China bus fire died at scene

Police in China have indentified a man who may be responsible for a deadly fire on a commuter bus Friday evening, which killed almost 50 people, including the suspect.

Almost 50 were killed and dozens more injured in port city of Xiamen

The bus caught fire during the rush-hour on Friday in the coastal city of Xiamen. (Xinhua/Associated Press)

A Communist Party news site says the suspect in a deadly bus fire killed himself in the blaze on an elevated road in the prosperous port city of Xiamen.

The fire on a commuter bus during Friday's evening rush-hour killed 47 people and injured 34 more.

Party-run site Xianmen Net cited the local government's news office Saturday in saying the arson suspect died in the fire.

The report said police identified Chen Shuizong as the suspect after an on-site investigation, interviews and examination of evidence, including DNA. It says Chen was a local resident born in 1954.

Xianmen Net said police found a suicide note in his home and that Chen was unhappy and set the fire to vent his anger.