At least five people were killed when a suicide bomber blew herself up near Moscow's Red Square Tuesday. More than a dozen others were injured.

The explosion happened near a car parked at a main intersection near the luxurious National Hotel. The hotel is across from a gate leading into Red Square and the Kremlin.

The blast shattered windows in the first two storeys of the hotel and set off car alarms in the area.

Several bodies lay in the street and a number of people were wounded by flying debris.

French journalist Marc Antoine Varienne said he felt the blasts from his room on the seventh floor of the hotel.

"I saw one body on the floor of the lobby...when I went out I saw four bodies," said Varienne.

A spokesperson for Mayor Yuri Luskov says he believes Russia's lower house of parliament, or State Duma, was the intended target and that the bomb exploded prematurely.

No one has claimed responsibility for the attack, which took place two days after Russia's parliamentary elections.