CDC party presidential candidate George Weah votes on the outskirts of Monrovia, Liberia, Tuesday, Nov. 8. (AP Photo)

People in Liberia were voting for a new president Tuesday, choosing between a former soccer star and a one-time World Bank official known as the "Iron Lady."

George Weah, a former player with AC Milan, is in a run-off with economist Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf, who hopes to become Africa's first elected female president.

The head-to-head runoff will decide Liberia's first presidential race since the end of a civil war two years ago.

It comes a month after the first round of voting in the West African nation failed to produce a clear winner from a field of about 20 candidates.

United Nations peacekeepers say the turnout for Tuesday's vote was lower than the first round on Oct. 11.


Unity party presidential candidate Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf voted in the small town of Tubmanburg, Liberia, Tuesday, Nov. 8. (AP Photo/Pewee Flomoku)

Brutal civil war

Weah, 39, a political novice, is known as King George to his fans for his soccer prowess. Johnson-Sirleaf, 66, is a Harvard-trained former finance minister.

The winner will have a lot of work to do. Liberia's civil war destroyed the country's economy, created thousands of child soldiers and killed a quarter-million people.

Several well-known rebel leaders support Weah, but supporters of Johnson-Sirleaf say he doesn't have the experience to run the country.

It's expected to take up to two weeks to tabulate the final results.