Riot police storm Sorbonne to halt student protest

Riot police stormed the Sorbonne University in Paris early Saturday, evicting some 200 students occupying the historic institution. The students were protesting over a government jobs plan.

French riot police stormed a building at the Sorbonne early Saturday to break up a protest by students angry over a government plan they say would seriously undermine job security for young people.

Police used tear gas to remove about 200 students after some of them threw bottles, fire extinguishers, chairs and other objects from windows.

Two people were injured, including a photographer who was hit by a falling object, police said. Eleven people were arrested.

At least 80 police officers rushed the historic institution in the city's Latin Quarter. Dozens of students stood on the steps inside a courtyard, hoping to stop police. Others were inside a classroom barricaded behind desks, chairs and debris.

French television reported that scores of students who fled the Sorbonne broke windows of a fast-food restaurant.

The sit-in at the prestigious university began on Wednesday, a day before the French parliament approved a bill that would allow employers to hire people under 26 on a temporary basis for up to two years.

The government says the policy will encourage companies to hire young people. But critics point out that it will also allow firings without explanation.