U.S. Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz fired his communications director Rick Tyler Monday for posting a video falsely depicting comments about the Bible by rival Marco Rubio.

Cruz told reporters Monday he asked Tyler to resign for re-tweeting a video that falsely alleged Rubio insulted the Bible. 

"We are not a campaign that is going to question the faith of another candidate for president," Cruz said, calling Tyler "a good man" and noting that he deleted the tweet once he discovered it was false.

On Facebook, Tyler said he had "assumed wrongly that the story was correct" and that he regrets the mistake.

During a campaign stop in Elko, Nev., Rubio criticized Cruz for the incident.

"It's every single day something comes out of the Cruz campaign that's deceptive and untrue, and in this case goes after my faith," Rubio told reporters when asked about the incident. "I guess one of their spokespersons apologized, and I accept their apology."

View the video in question below.

This is not the first time that Cruz's campaign has been accused by rivals of using questionable tactics.

Cruz apologized to GOP hopeful Ben Carson earlier this month after his campaign promoted a news story suggesting that Carson was getting out of the race.

Cruz's campaign has also acknowledged creating a website that used a computer program to create a fake picture of Rubio shaking hands with President Barack Obama.

Republican front-runner Donald Trump lashed out at Cruz over Twitter on Monday, saying that he "has now apologized to Marco Rubio and Ben Carson for fraud and dirty tricks. No wonder he has lost evangelical support!" He reiterated his calls for disqualifying Cruz because of "his fraudulent win in Iowa."

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