Prince William and Kate Middleton will travel to Canada in June for a nine-day visit that will include stops in Alberta, the Northwest Territories, Prince Edward Island, Quebec and Ontario.

The royal couple will arrive on June 30 and depart July 8, visiting Ottawa on July 1 to celebrate Canada Day.

Further details of the visit — the couple's first overseas trip as newlyweds — are not expected for at least a month, according to James Whitaker, the royal correspondent with London's Daily Mail.

Prime Minister Stephen Harper hailed the visit as "a testament to our country's very close relationship with the Royal Family."

"Canada looks forward to welcoming the young couple this summer and providing them with all that our country has to offer, including, of course, the special hospitality and warmth reserved for members of the Royal Family," Harper said in a statement.

Heritage Minister James Moore said his department would pay for the visit using money set aside for "any kind of international visit."

Moore said "the precise cost" of the trip had yet to be determined, but assured taxpayers it will not cost them "anything in addition to what is already budgeted."

When asked what the amount of the budget, he said: "It depends every year."

"They are not nearly as expensive as some people may think."

Canada weighs gift options

Prince William and Middleton will marry in London at Westminster Abbey on April 29.

Discussions are underway about what the Canadian government will give the couple as an official gift. They have asked for contributions to charity.

Canadian stamps are also being issued in their honour.

William has been to Canada twice before, most famously in 1998 when he went skiing in Whistler, B.C. He was photographed during that trip along with his father, Prince Charles, wearing hats designed by Roots for the 1998 Canadian Olympic team.

With files from The Canadian Press