Supporters 'Feel the Bern' for the Vermont senator.

Backers of U.S. presidential candidate Bernie Sanders have been rallying under the slogan 'Feel the Bern,' often accompanied by images showing the Democrat with unkempt hair and glasses. A familiar face in New Hampshire, Sanders is expected to fare well in the first primary vote, held Tuesday. 

US-presidential ELECTION Bernie SANDERS steer Feb 8 2016

Melissa Chandler, who supports U.S. Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders, brought her Highland steer named Bleu to a campaign stop in downtown Manchester, N.H., on Feb. 8. (Brian Snyder/Reuters)

US presidential ELECTION Bernie SANDERS supporter t shirt Jan 19 2016

There is no question who this campaign volunteer, sporting a Bernie Sanders-patterned shirt at an event in Fort Dodge, Iowa, on Jan. 19, is backing. (Jim Young/Reuters)

Texas Senator Ted Cruz trails just behind fellow Republican candidate Donald Trump heading into the New Hampshire primary.

US presidential-ELECTION Ted CRUZ beanie supporter Manchester NH Feb 8 2016

The New Hampshire primary is the first in the nation, and pollsters are looking to the bellwether state for an indication of which candidates are likely to pull ahead, and who will drop behind, in the race to the White House. (Eric Thayer/Reuters)

Retired neurosurgeon Ben Carson is seeking the Republican nomination…

...but trails behind front-runners Donald Trump, Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio by a wide margin. Carson, a political newcomer, revealed his platform in December, which includes a plan to put U.S. troops along the Canadian border. 

US presidential election campaign Ben CARSON supporter Jan 26 2016

Indianola, Iowa, resident Sue Smith listens intently as Republican U.S. presidential candidate Ben Carson speaks at a town hall event titled Trust in God on Jan. 25. (Scott Morgan/Reuters)

Hillary Clinton is way out in front of Sanders for the Democrats.

US-Presidential ELECTION Hillary CLINTON Hudson NH Feb 8 2016

Democratic U.S. presidential candidate Hillary Clinton strides past supporters at a campaign rally in Hudson, N.H., on Feb. 8. (Brian Snyder/Reuters)

US-Presidential ELECTION Hillary CLINTON head shave Oct 2015

At a rally called Latinos for Hillary held in San Antonio, Texas, in October 2015, Maria Anita Monsivaiz showed off her new haircut bearing the likeness of the Democratic U.S. presidential candidate. (Darren Abate/Reuters)

Republican front-runner Donald Trump is looking to New Hampshire voters to keep him ahead in polls.

The New Hampshire primary is the first to be held in the country, and the winner there historically has the best shot at the White House. 

US Presidential-ELECTION Donald TRUMP supporter Manchester NH Feb 8 2016

Trump, who leads the Republican pack in polls, held a rally at the Verizon Wireless Arena in Manchester, N.H., on Feb. 8. This supporter was there. (Rick Wilking/Reuters)

Florida Senator Marco Rubio is close on the heels of Donald Trump and Ted Cruz for the Republican presidential nomination. 

US presidential-ELECTION Marco RUBIO Bedford NH supporters Feb 7 2016

Florida Senator Marco Rubio was joined by these supporters at a campaign stop in Bedford, N.H., on Feb. 7. (Carlo Allegri/Reuters)

Jeb Bush is locked in a battle for second behind front-runner Trump heading into New Hampshire.

Bush has been involved in a name-calling dispute with fellow Republican Donald Trump who, in an interview on CNN, called the former Florida governor "absolutely crazy" and "a nervous wreck."

US presidential-ELECTION Jeb BUSH supporters NH Feb 3 2016

Jeb Bush was joined by an excited throng of supporters at a campaign stop at Colby-Sawyer College, in New London, N.H., on Feb. 3. (Mike Segar/Reuters)