Obama bobblehead launches in space

A San Francisco-based group calling itself Yard Sale for Obama has launched a Barack Obama bobblehead doll into space as part of a fundraiser to support the campaign to re-elect the president.

Doll in U.S. president's likeness part of Yard Sale for Obama campaign fundraiser

You can excuse U.S. President Barack Obama — the bobblehead likeness of him, anyway — for being a bit lost in space.

This YouTube video shows an Obama bobblehead floating over San Francisco in a hot air balloon before sliding into space. It's all part of Yard Sale for Obama, a fundraising campaign to re-elect the president.

"We released our balloon near the Golden Gate bridge and it made it to about 100,000 feet," says a description of the video, also shown on the Yard Sale for Obama website

"It was a scary ride to the top and a dramatic decent. We are a bunch of friends from San Francisco who are getting together to sell some things for the President. Maybe you have something you can sell and get your friends together."

The fundraising effort is scheduled to "take place online and in yards across this country" this weekend.

The Yard Sale for Obama website says people can also sell items on Craigslist and eBay. Sellers are told to donate the money they raise directly to the official grassroots fundraising page on