Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has lashed out at the country's chief of police ahead of an expected announcement concerning a corruption probe into the long-standing leader, which Israeli media said will produce indictments in the coming days.

Police Chief Roni Alsheikh said on Wednesday that "powerful figures" had hired people to "sniff around" the detectives investigating Netanyahu.

In a video posted on his Facebook page, Netanyahu insisted the investigation would not yield any result that would incriminate him, caling Alsheikh's comment a "bizarre and false suggestion" and that "a great shadow" was cast on the investigation. 

"Many of you ask, 'What will there be?' So I want to reassure you," Netanyahu said in the video.

Netanyahu added that Israeli law requires the attorney general to consult with the state attorney on any any alleged evidence against a prime minister.

"The state attorney recently said at the Knesset that about half of the police recommendations end with nothing," he said. "I am sure that at the end of the day the official legal elements will draw one conclusion, the simple truth: there is nothing."

Netanyahu has repeatedly denied any wrongdoing throughout the corruption probe. 

Israeli media said police were expected to submit their recommendations concerning the investigation to the attorney general as early as next week. 

Police officials declined comment.

Israel media outlet Channel 2 TV claims a police document emerged indicating there's enough evidence to indict Netanyahu but that no decisions have been made.