A Canadian military plane that brought personnel and supplies to earthquake-ravaged Nepal has arrived in India with a load of passengers fleeing the quake zone.

The C-17 transport plane arrived earlier Wednesday and was unloaded before taking off for New Delhi.

A statement from Foreign Affairs Minister Rob Nicholson said the plane carried about 100 people, both Canadians and people from other countries.

"More than 70 other Canadians have already been able to depart from Nepal on commercial flights," the statement said.

CBC correspondent Sasa Petricic, reporting from Nepal, said passengers will have to find their own way home from India.

A second C-17 has left Canada carrying more equipment and people and is expected to be in Nepal on Thursday. That plane will also have room for stranded Canadians.

"The [rescue] group that's come in is really a preliminary group," Petricic said. "It's going to take a look at what other things might be needed. It's got a very small toolkit with it right now. It's got an ambulance, it's got a small clinic and some other things. The bigger things will be coming in later."

Canada's contingent was to head north of Kathmandu, with its first task to clear landslides that are blocking roads to smaller communities.

The government said it is still working to locate all Canadians believed to have been in quake-affected areas.

"Despite the challenges, we will continue to provide assistance to those who may be stranded," the statement said.

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With files from The Canadian Press