In the small city of Braunschweig, Germany, someone is giving away money in packets of €10,000 ($13,128), leaving the recipients happy and the citizens intrigued by the mysterious donor.

The anonymous donor stuffs the cash into plain envelopes, sometimes along with a newspaper clipping suggesting how it might be spent, the BBC reports from Braunschweig.

In one case, the money was left under the doormat of a hospice for the terminally ill.

In the town, population 250,000, there is talk of "Robin Hood — someone redistributing the proceeds of crime to the poor," the BBC's Stephen Evans reported.

On the other hand, the pastor of a local church, Hans-Juergen Kopkow, speculates that there may be more than one donor, and that copycats are matching the original giver's sense of charity.

He found an envelope with €10,000 tucked behind a rack of hymn books.

So far, the gifts have proven to be a boon not only for charities and churches, but also for newspaper readers, who are speculating on who the mystery donor might be, the BBC says.