Most-read world news stories of 2009

Plane crashes, gun rampages and Obama inaguration top the most-read world news list

Plane crashes, gun rampages and Obama inauguration top the most-read world news list

Barack Obama dominated the world news in 2009. His inauguration as president of the United States in January was the most-read online CBC News story of the year. However, Obama also made headlines throughout 2009 with his economic stimulus plans, his criticism of bonus buyouts for executives of bailed-out financial institutions and even his choice of running rival Hillary Clinton as his secretary of state.

Obama's official visit to Canada in February was the most-watched online live video event in CBC News history.

But international news headlines were not all about the U.S. president: Afghanistantyphoons and hurricanes, Russia's gas kerfuffle with Ukraine and China bowing to world pressure over food safety also caught our interest.

Here are the stories that interested CBC News readers the most in 2009: