A trial is set to begin today for a Canadian journalist in Egypt who faces what his family calls a "ridiculous" set of charges.

Mohamed Fahmy was arrested at the end of December along with two colleagues while working for satellite news broadcaster Al Jazeera English.

The arrests were characterized as part of a crackdown on the Muslim Brotherhood, an Islamist group which Egypt's military-backed government has branded a terrorist organization.

Britain Egypt Journalists

Journalists demonstrate across the street from Egypt's embassy in central London on Wednesday, calling for the protection of journalists in Egypt, where six have been killed and many more injured covering events on the streets of Cairo and the rest of the country. (Lefteris Pitarakis/The Associated Press)

The Egyptian government has claimed Al Jazeera is biased towards the Brotherhood but the broadcaster says its journalists were just doing their jobs.

Fahmy faces several charges, including being part of a terrorist group — allegations his family and his employer have vigorously denied.

His brother says the family is worried but is trying to remain positive as the trial begins.

The trial marks what's believed to be the first time Egypt is prosecuting journalists on terrorism-related charges.

The Department of Foreign Affairs says Fahmy's case has been raised with Egyptian authorities.

But some critics have questioned why Ottawa hasn't made a strong public statement calling for Fahmy's release.