France Britain Missing Boy

Ashya King has a severe brain tumour and needs urgent treatment. (Interpol/Associated Press)

A critically ill 5-year-old boy who was taken out of a British hospital against doctors' advice has been found in Spain, police said Saturday.

An international search began Thursday for Ashya King, who has a severe brain tumour, after his parents removed him from a hospital in the southern English city of Southampton for unknown reasons.

"I think they are a loving family who are doing the best thing they think they are doing for their child,” said Cellestine Jeacock a former neighbour of the King family.

British police said earlier that a European arrest warrant was issued for the boy's parents, Brett and Naghemeh, both Jehovah's Witnesses. The family had last been seen travelling on a ferry to France.

Police said late Saturday that officers are questioning the couple and are "waiting to hear on Ashya's condition."

They did not specify where in Spain the family was found.