Step aside planking, as a new — albeit messier — internet fad is gaining ground.

Milking is simple: Buy a jug of milk, go out in public and record as you pour the milk over your head.

Last week, some Newcastle University students from the U.K. posted a video of them "milking" on YouTube. Since Nov. 21, it has been viewed more than 60,000 times.

In the video, they pour jugs of milk over their heads in public places, including on a roundabout, outside a pub and while walking on the street.

Some find the video udderly hilarious — jumping at the opportunity to make bad milk-related puns — and are promising to record their own "legendairy" milking videos.

But not everyone is happy with the trend. Many commenters are calling it a waste of milk and money.

However, the video's, perhaps ironic, explanation calling on people to "support British dairy farmers" may provide an answer to naysayers.