A man who rammed his white van into two bus stops in the southern French city of Marseille, killing a woman, on Monday is being treated for psychological problems, according to a French official. 

A press official for police headquarters in Marseille said the suspect, who has not been identified by name, is 35 years old and from the Grenoble region in eastern France.

He rammed his van into two bus stops in two neighbourhoods of the Mediterranean port city — striking at about 8:15 a.m. and then an hour later — killing a woman and injuring a man. He was arrested in Marseille's scenic Old Port neighbourhood.

The official said specialists were going over the van for clues about the suspect's motives as he was being questioned. The official could not be named in keeping with French rules.

Police and forensic experts in white suits took evidence from the bus stop. The glass walls of the bus stop where the woman was killed were shattered.

The vehicle was originally described as a car in early reports. 

The incident comes just days after back-to-back van attacks in Barcelona and Spanish resort town of Cambrils killed 14 people. The manhunt for the driver in the Barcelona attack on Monday widened to all of Europe. 

With files from Reuters