Toronto's city manager will step down from his job some time this year.

Joe Pennachetti will make an announcement in the upcoming week explaining his intention to leave the post some time near the end of November, Toronto City Councillor Joe Mihevc told CBC News.

Pennachetti has held the post since 2008, when Shirley Hoy vacated the position.

This year, his position was on Ontario's sunshine list, which includes the names and salaries of everyone who collects at least a six-figure salary from any organization that receives money from the province. Pennachetti made $363,234, which was the highest amount of anyone who collected a paycheque from the city of Toronto.

The city manager is responsible for guiding and advising city council and administration on Toronto-wide issues, co-ordinating the efforts of various city divisions and evaluating city services, according to the city manager's office website.

Pennachetti has yet to confirm the news, which local media started to report on Friday.

If he departs, it will be shortly after Toronto's mayoral election. Torontonians will cast ballots for their next mayor on Oct. 27.