University of Toronto professor Ramin Jahanbegloo was imprisoned in Iran last week. ((CBC))

A friend says former University of Toronto professor Ramin Jahanbegloo, an Iranian-Canadian detained in a prison in Tehran since last week, has been transferred to a hospital.

Shahram Kholdi told CBC News on Thursdayhis contacts in Iran alerted him that Jahanbegloo is in hospital.

He is not sure whether the hospital is within the Evin prison, where the writer and philosopher was being held,or is a separate institution.

Kholdi, who is based in Manchester, England, said his contacts had no information about his friend's condition.

Jahanbegloo's family and friends fear he has been tortured.

Evin is the prison that Montrealer Zahra Kazemiwas trying to photograph when she was arrested on June 23, 2003. Kazemiwasbeaten so badly by interrogators that she died.

Her death caused a diplomatic rift betweenCanada and Iran. Canadahas been demanding that those responsible be brought to justice.

No details on charge against ex-prof

An Iranian judiciary official confirmed Wednesday that Jahanbegloo was imprisoned last week.

The official said charges wouldn't be announced until after Jahanbegloo had been interrogated.

In recent weeks, Jahanbegloo has criticized the country's leadership and challenged Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's statement that the Holocaust never happened.

Jahanbegloo, who holds dual Iran and Canadian citizenship, was a professor at the University of Toronto from 1997 to 2001.