Former Italian prime minister Silvio Berlusconi has revealed he is engaged to a woman almost 50 years his junior, saying "finally I feel less alone."

The 76-year-old media baron said Sunday his engagement to 28-year-old Francesca Pascale — part of a support group called "Silvio, we miss you" — is "official."

Berlusconi's second wife left him in 2008, citing alleged dalliances with young women. He is now on trial in Milan on charges of having sex with an underage woman and using his office to cover it up.

Newspapers described Berlusconi's appearance on Canale 5 — one of his television networks — as an attempt to boost his party's falling approval rates after the billionaire announced earlier this month he was seeking a fourth-term comeback as prime minister. 

The wedding bells are the only good news for Berlusconi as of late.

In October, another Milan court convicted him of tax fraud in connection with his media empire's dealings and sentenced him to four years in prison. 

Berlusconi has called the decision "unreal' and is appealing.