The nuclear deal with Iran reached this weekend has garnered a lot of reaction from around the world. Many countries are agreeing that it is a step towards peace.

Iran has agreed to keep its nuclear program in check for six months while a longer, more lasting agreement is made. In return, it will have access to millions of dollars in frozen funds.

Israel, however, has condemned the deal saying it’s not enough, and that the agreement was a “historic mistake.” Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has vowed to end the production of nuclear weapons in Iran, leaving the deal brokers nervous and wary of any moves that might undermine the new agreement.

The issue has strained U.S. relations with Israel, but has gained it some allies in neighbouring Arab states which are in agreement on the new deal

Mark Regev, the official spokesperson for Netanyau, talked with CBC’s Carole McNeil outlining his country's issues with the new Iranian deal.