A bomb hidden in a parked car was detonated during the funeral procession of an IraqiSunni tribal leader who had been gunned down earlier Thursday, killing at least 26 mourners.

The attack in Fallujah, 65 kilometres west of Baghdad, targeted the passing procession for Alaa Zuwaid, 60, a restaurateur who had been part of a Sunni tribe that had formed an alliance with other tribal leaders against al-Qaeda.

At least 45 people were wounded in the bombing.

Zuwaid was killedThursdaymorning when militants shot him in front of his house, police said — nearly a month after his son, 25,was slain as he walked down a street.

In all, 87 people were killed or found dead in sectarian violence between Sunni and Shia Muslims across Iraq on Thursday.

Gunmenattacked a small bus in a predominantly Shia region on the northern outskirts of Baghdad, killing 11 passengers. Then the gunmen planted a bomb on the bus, which they detonated when police arrived, wounding four of them.

A suicide bomber detonated a bomb aboard another small bus driving through Baghdad, killing three civilians and wounding eight, Iraqi police said.