After a terrifying gang-rape and killing in New Delhi, every day has been women’s day in India, the CBC’s Nahlah Ayed reports.

Friday marks International Women’s Day, a worldwide event held to both celebrate women’s achievements and demand the same rights as their male counterparts. In New Delhi, the female victim of a brutal gang-rape that has galvanized the country — whose name has not been released — was remembered with a post-humous award.

Many Indian women used the event to demand an end to violence against women, called for justice to be served in the victim’s ongoing trial.

In Cairo, women marched in Tahrir Square, the symbolic home of Egypt’s revolution. Many Egyptian women are furious with President Mohamed Morsi’s government, but those who protest in the streets risk sexual harassment.

On Friday, the female protesters were protected by volunteer bodyguards.

International Women’s Day has been held every March 8 since 1911.