The husband of a brain-dead Virginia woman with cancer said his wife would want to be kept alive to give her 21-week-old fetus a chance to survive.

Jason Torres said doctors have told him his wife Susan needs to stay alive for another month before the child could be delivered.

Susan Torres, 26, suffered a stroke on May 7 after melanoma spread to her brain. Jason Torres said doctors have told him her brain functions have stopped.

If his wife can be kept alive until mid-July and her melanoma doesn't spread to her uterus, the fetus could survive delivery, but may risk brain damage, he said.

He said he made the choice to keep his wife on life support at the Virginia Hospital Center even though he dislikes using her as "a carrying case," said a report in USA Today.

A printing salesman, Torres quit his job and moved into his wife's hospital room. The couple also has a two-year-old son.