Hitler's bunker unearthed in Berlin

Construction workers in Berlin have uncovered part of what they believe is the bunker where Adolf Hitler committed suicide more than 50 years ago.

Workers were laying foundations for a new government building when they unearthed a six-metre-thick chunk of concrete archeologists say is the reinforced roof of the bunker.

The bunker was sealed off by the Red Army after Berlin surrendered to the Russians.

Historians have always known the location of the bunker, but there is a dispute over what is actually in the bunker now.

It has not been excavated because many fear that the site -- known as the "Fuehrerbunker" -- could become a shrine for neo-Nazis.

The suicide bunker is located south of the Brandenburg Gate, close to the site of the Gestapo secret police headquarters.

Hitler committed suicide on April 30, 1945, in the final days of the Second World War.