Haiti council names new prime minister

U.S.-backed council appoints former UN diplomat as interim prime minister of Haiti; marines to help disarm Haitians

Former Haitian foreign minister and United Nations official Gerard Latortue has been named as Haiti's new interim prime minister.

Haiti's interim President Boniface Alexandre has approved the decision, made by the U.S.-backed advisory council charged with establishing a new administration in the country. Alexandre, the chief justice of Haiti's Supreme Court, was officially installed as president on Monday.

The seven-member Council of Sages confirmed the appointment late Tuesday.

A 69-year-old former UN diplomat, Latortue advocates free elections and an independent civilian police force for Haiti.

Also Tuesday, U.S. military officials confirmed marines, together with Haitian police, will begin disarming rival armed groups on Wednesday.

Both groups – those who support ousted president Jean-Bertrand Aristide and the rebels who helped drive him out of power – are reluctant to give up their weapons.

Violence flared in the capital Tuesday as groups of Aristide supporters set up flaming barricades and threw rocks at cars.

On Monday, marines shot and killed a Haitian man driving a car toward a checkpoint. On Sunday, marines fired on Aristide protesters, killing six and wounding 30.

At least 130 people have died since armed rebels began their campaign to oust Aristide. He fled to the Central African Republic, where he maintains he was driven out in a U.S.-led coup d'etat.