About 5,500 migrants and refugees remained stuck at the Idomeni camp in northern Greece on Sunday, three days after Macedonia effectively closed its border to asylum-seekers.

There was relief for some late Saturday when Macdonia agreed to allow a group of Syrian and Iraqi refugees to cross into the country.

Macedonian authorities said a train with more than 350 refugees left the border town of Gevgelija, heading to Tabanovce, the last Macedonia's northern checkpoint at the border with Serbia.

Officials said they would allow the same number of people to enter Macedonia as the number Serbia allows to cross its borders.

Greece's northern neighbours, along the Balkan route to Western Europe, have been restricting number of migrants they allow in each day.

In Greece, that means thousands from Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan are still living in deteriorating conditions, braving the rainy weather at the tent camp near the border.

Another 500 asylum-seekers are camped at a gas station 17 kilometres away.


With files from The Associated Press