Grandmother scores a victory in crocodile attack

A 60-year-old grandmother who took on a crocodile last week says she won't be scared away

A 60-year-old grandmother whose arm was badly injured when she took on an intruding crocodile in northeastern Australia last week says she won't be scared away from her campsite.

Alicia Sorohan was camping with friends and relatives on a beach in the state of Queensland. Last Monday, a 4.2-metre crocodile weighing about 300 kilograms, or slightly more than 660 lbs., emerged from the water and dragged a fellow camper from his tent.

Andrew Kerr, 34, suffered a broken leg and many cuts and bruises.

"It gave me quite a bit of a fright," Kerr said on Sunday. "Suddenly I thought, 'Hang on, I'm in a bit of trouble here. I'm going to be eaten.'"

Experts believe the crocodile was attracted by a three-month-old baby in the tent.

Sorohan, who weighs about 120 lbs., responded to the attack by jumping on the animal's head and grappling with it.

The woman's arm was badly mutilated in the battle, as the crocodile tried to drag her into the water.

Another camper shot it dead.

Sorohan and Kerr had to endure a five-hour drive over rough terrain before they got medical help.

Speaking in hospital where she is recovering from her wounds, Sorohan said she would return to the same camping area.