A Georgia woman is getting used to a surprising addition to her front lawn: a two-metre-tall Kentucky Fried Chicken bucket that her landlord plans on displaying in her yard.

Aleena Headrick, from Waynesboro, Ga., told CBC Radio's As It Happens that her landlord collects vintage signs. He took a fancy to the oversized bucket, and plans to mount it on a big pole and light it up.

He didn't tell her it was coming, but she's spoken to him since and said they both had a laugh.

"You have to smile at people's quirks," she said. "I don't collect old signs, but if somebody else wants to, go right at it."

Headrick said she's had lots of people stop by to take pictures, but hopes she doesn't encounter people expecting to be served KFC chicken.

"I don't want any disgruntled chicken-purchasers in my driveway," Headrick said with a laugh.

But if people do turn up looking for fried chicken, she said they don't need to worry — there's an actual KFC about eight kilometres down the road.

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