Heavy fighting between Israeli forces and Hamas militants continues to pulverize the Gaza Strip, destroying infrastructure and killing innocent civilians.

At least 15 people died when explosions rocked a UN school in Gaza on Thursday. Dozens who were seeking shelter were also wounded. It's unclear who was behind the attack. Palestinian officials, as well as the Palestinian Red Crescent said it was Israeli tank shells that struck the school. Meanwhile, the Israeli military suggested stray Hamas rockets were responsible for the deaths.

An Israeli fighter pilot told the CBC's Sasa Petricic that when he pushes a button to strike into Gaza, he's concentrated in making sure the "target is clear" and that there are "no civilians." When you push the button, he said, you're "very, very into the mission."

"On the other hand, it's not easy to see the pictures in Gaza and to see... to see the devastation," the pilot said.

"We don't want war and we're not craving for it."

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