France's Sarkozy leaves hospital

French President Nicolas Sarkozy was released from a Paris hospital on Monday, after tests indicated heat and overwork — not heart problems — caused him to collapse while jogging a day earlier.

French President Nicolas Sarkozy was released from a Paris hospital on Monday after undergoing a series of cardiological tests, after he fell ill while jogging.

Sarkozy was discharged from the Val-de-Grace military hospital after tests showed his illness was the result of heat and overwork, according to a statement by the Elysée Palace.

Sarkozy, 54, was jogging in 28 C weather at the Chateau of Versailles on Sunday when he became ill, according to officials. They denied that he lost consciousness or collapsed during the incident.

"Today, late in the morning, while he was jogging in the park at the Chateau of Versailles, the president of the republic felt unwell. This episode, which came after 45 minutes of intense physical activity, was not accompanied by a loss of consciousness," the palace statement said.

Sarkozy, an avid jogger and cyclist, was forced to interrupt his run and "lie down with the help of an aide," the statement said. A presidential doctor who is with Sarkozy at all times sounded the alert and administered initial treatment before he was taken to hospital by helicopter.

The neurological, blood and cardiological tests on the president showed no signs of irregular heartbeat and indicated there had been no long-term consequences for Sarkozy's heart, said the palace.

Sarkozy has been told to rest for a few days and no further treatment has been prescribed, said his office.

Sarkozy's official meetings have been cancelled until Wednesday when he will chair a Council of Ministers meeting before departing on vacation.

With files from The Associated Press