World Photo Contest jurors selected what they called the "face of hatred" — a snapshot of Mevlut Mert Altintas captured after he shot the Russian ambassador to Turkey — as photo of the year.

"Right now I see the world marching towards the edge of an abyss," said juror Joao Silva in a statement. "This is a man who has clearly reached a breaking point and his statement is to assassinate someone who he really blames, a country that he blames, for what is going on elsewhere in the region. I feel that what is happening in Europe, what is happening in America, what is happening in the Far East, Middle East, Syria, and this image to me talks of it. It is the face of hatred."

Photographers around the globe submitted entries to the prestigious competition. Three Canadian photojournalists — Amber Bracken, Darren Calabrese and Giovanni Capriotti — had winning entries this year. Here's a look at some of the  winning photos.

APTOPIX World Press Photo

(Burhan Ozbilici/Associated Press) (AP Photo/Burhan Ozbilici, File)

Contemporary Issues, 1st prize, Amber Bracken

Edmonton-based photographer Amber Bracken captured first for her series on the Dakota Access Pipeline protest at Standing Rock, N.D. In this photo, a demonstrator is tended to after being pepper sprayed by police at the blockade. Members of the Standing Rock Sioux tribe protested construction of the pipeline near their territory for nearly 10 months, saying it threatened their water supply.

World Press Photo

(Amber Bracken/World Press Photo via Associated Press)

General News, 1st prize, Daniel Berehulak

The picture was taken inside a Manila police station in the Philippines for a series in the New York Times. Inmates watch as police officers process suspected drug dealers. President Rodrigo Duterte enacted a strict anti-drug campaign in June 2016.

World Press Photo

(Daniel Berehulak for The New York Times/World Press Photo via Associated Press)

Spot News, 3rd prize, Mathieu Wilcocks

Scottish-based photographer Mathieu Wilcocks captured this photo of a Libyan fisherman tossing life-jackets to a boat packed with migrants in the Mediterranean Sea.

World Press Photo

(Mathieu Willcocks/World Press Photo via AP)

Daily Life, 1st prize, Tomas Munita

Chilean photographer Tomas Munita documented the changing face of Cuba in a series for the New York Times. Munita travelled across the country and visited rural areas and cities, including Old Havana seen in this picture.

World Press Photo

(Tomas Munita for The New York Times/World Press Photo via Associated Press)

Nature, 1st prize, Francis Perez

A sea turtle is captured in a tangle of fishing nets near Spain's Canary Islands. Francis Perez specializes in underwater photography and has published his work in the National Geographic and Ocean Geographic.

World Press Photo

(Francis Perez/World Press Photo via Associated Press)

Sports stories, 3rd prize, Darren Calabrese

Halifax-based photographer documented Lindsay Hilton's passion for rugby in a series of photographs. Hilton was born without full arms and legs.

World Press Photo

(Darren Calabrese/World Press Photo via Associated Press)

Sports singles, 3rd prize, Kai Oliver Pfaffenbach

Kai Oliver Pfaffenbach snapped this photo of a smiling Usain Bolt leading the pack in the 100-metre semifinal at the Rio Olympics. Bolt went on to defend his gold medal in the final, finishing ahead of American sprinter Justin Gatlin and Canadian Andre De Grasse.


(Kai Pfaffenbach/Reuters)

Sports stories, 1st prize, Giovanni Capriotti

Giovanni Capriotti, based in Toronto and Montreal, was recognized for his series on gay athletes on the Muddy York Rugby Football club. Capriotti followed the team to their games, fundraisers and social events throughout 2016.

World Press Photo

(Giovanni Capriotti/World Press Photo via Associated Press)