Britain's Conservative Party Leader David Cameron speaks with a woman while a man, dressed as a chicken on behalf of a British newspaper, attempts to confront him. ((Adrian Dennis/Reuters))

U.K. Conservative Party Leader David Cameron was hit with an egg Wednesday during a campaign stop in southwest England.

The politician laughed off the missile, which hit him on the shoulder as he left a college in the town of Saltash, saying it was the "first of the campaign."

A youth in a grey-hooded sweatshirt was caught on camera lobbing the egg and being led away by police.

Police said a 16-year-old student was detained but then released.

Cameron has also been followed on the campaign trail by a newspaper reporter dressed in a chicken suit. The Labour-supporting Daily Mirror newspaper claims Cameron is afraid to answer its tough questions.

Cameron joked "now I know which came first — the chicken not the egg."