At least two Canadians and an Iranian are sought in Dubai after a man was shot dead at the city's marina last week, an attack not initially disclosed to the public.

The shooting, which authorities say happened May 4, apparently targeted the man as he sat in a car in the neighbourhood of luxury high-rise buildings and beachfront property.

Dubai's police chief, Maj. Gen. Khamis Mattar al-Mazeina, said the victim "used to carry an Iranian passport and then had a Turkish one."

He said authorities believe the man also was allegedly involved in the killing of someone's daughter in Turkey, according to an account of his remarks published Thursday by state-owned The National newspaper of Abu Dhabi.

The man suffered seven gunshot wounds to the head, as well as two other wounds to his body, fired from two different guns, al-Mazeina said.

The National reported that the shooters may have fled to Canada.

Al-Mazeina discussed the attack with members of the Federal National Council during a meeting Tuesday. However, the shooting was not widely publicized until a video of his comments circulated later online.

"We cannot ignore this and remain quiet, no matter what the motive behind committing the crime is," he said in the video. "The Ministry of Interior is working on the case. We were already able to identify those involved and we collected evidence that we will hand over to the Canadian judicial system."

Al-Mazeina offered no motive for the slaying, nor did he name any suspects or the victim.

RCMP spokeswoman Annie Delisle told The Associated Press the agency "is engaged and providing support to foreign authorities as appropriate."

Dubai, a popular tourist destination that is home to the world's tallest skyscraper, is a safe haven in the turbulent Middle East and violent crime remains rare.