Talk about your Hail Mary passes: A man tried to throw a football filled with drugs and cellphones into the yard of a state prison, Michigan authorities say.

Alas for the inmates, the throw fell short, with the football landing between two fences, not in the yard where prisoners exercise, said State Trooper Toby Baker in Jackson, Mich.

An officer at the G. Robert Cotton Correctional Facility saw the man throw the football, and officers arrested him.

The Detroit Free Press and the Jackson Citizen-Patriot say the ball contained heroin, marijuana, tobacco, three cellphones and chargers.

Christen D. Moore, 22, was arraigned Tuesday in Jackson District Court on contraband charges and ordered jailed on a $50,000 US bond. His probable-cause hearing is June 30.

The Associated Press left a message with the court seeking information on whether he has a lawyer.

According to the correctional facility's website, its security "includes three [four-metre-high] fences, rolls of razor-ribbon wire, two perimeter towers, an acoustic sensing system and an electronic detection system."

With files from The Associated Press