The dog was seen Monday on an ice floe 24 kilometres off the Baltic Sea coast near Gdynia, Poland. ((Ryszard Moroz/IMGW/Associated Press))

A dog found floating cold and alone on an ice floe in the Baltic Sea has been rescued and brought to shore, where the search for his owner has begun.

The black-and-brown mutt was found adrift Monday 24 kilometres off the Polish coast by the crew of the Baltica, a Polish ship of sea scientists.


Ship engineer Adam Buczynski carries the dog on Tuesday after its rescue from the floe. ((Maciej Czoska/Associated Press))

Natalia Drgas of the Baltica crew said Thursday the rescue was difficult and the dog kept falling into the icy waters.

The dog was warmed and massaged and then shared a sausage breakfast with the crew before being taken ashore for a second veterinary checkup, Drgas said.

Ship's captain Jersey Wosachlo said crew members would put their hearts into reuniting the dog with his master. Two women, each claiming to be the owner, planned to meet the dog Thursday in the Polish port of Gdynia.