Divers found two more bodies Saturday inside the ferry that sank in gale-force conditions, raising the number of dead to 76 in the disaster.

Marine officials say the death toll could get even higher. Ten people are listed missing, but there's confusion over the exact number of passengers on board when the ferry went down.

The Express Samina smashed into a clearly-marked patch of rocks the night of Sept. 26, about three kilometres from the popular tourist destination of Paros.

It's believed the ferry was carrying more than 500 people. But officials are unclear on the exact number because some passengers were not registered and young children were not required to be listed.

The captain and three other crew members have been charged with murder, neglect of duty and violation of maritime procedures.

There are reports the captain was napping and the crew was watching a soccer game on television when the accident happened.

The crew are expected to testify Sunday before a judge.

Authorities said 67 of the dead had been identified. They include two Canadians of Greek descent. Panayitois Peter Kontos and his wife, Phyllis Markou Kontos, both 72, of Montreal, had been on vacation visiting relatives.

Six Canadians, including two Quebec City women, are among the hundreds of survivors.

In the wake of Greece's worst marine disaster in 35 years, the country banned 65 ships from sailing, citing a failure to meet European safety standards.

Greece's Merchant Marine Ministry said Saturday the ferries and luxury cruise liners in question have 20 days to meet the requirements or have their sailing permits revoked.