A series of wildfires this month in Portugal has destroyed nearly 116,000 hectares (286,600 acres) of forest, an area the size of 100,000 soccer fields.

PORTUGAL FIRES Firefighters extinguish forest fire

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More than 100 wildfires active in the country. 

The European Union's Forest Fire Information System, which collates wildfire data, says wildfires have charred more than 217,000 hectares (536,200 acres) in the bloc in 2016. Nearly half of the scorched forest land is in Portugal.

PORTUGAL VISEU FOREST FIRE Firefighters try to contain blaze

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Wildfires claim 4 lives.

Four people have died in the country's worst wildfires in recent memory. However, Portuguese emergency services reported Wednesday that cooler temperatures and a drop in wind strength gave fire crews some respite after two weeks of battling intense flames.


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Firefighters continue battling blazes.

Thousands of firefighters are dealing with the ongoing wildfires, which have burned across Portugal since Aug 9. 


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On Monday, Portugal's National Civil Protection Service said around 2,000 firefighters supported by over a dozen water-dumping aircraft were tackling more than 50 different fires throughout the country.

PORTUGAL WILDFIRES Firefighters sleep forest fire Agueda

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Madeira Island one of the worst hit areas.

The Portuguese island of Madeira is a famous tourist spot, but the forest fire has forced many stores to close. There are still sporadic flames on the mountain, which has large areas of burnt trees and shrubs. Firefighters continue to patrol the area. 


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Suspects arrested for arson.

Police suspect that arsonists are responsible for the deadly forest fires and they have arrested several suspects, mostly unemployed men aged 20 to 35.

PORTUGAL FOREST FIRE firefighters tackle flames

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Some residents help fight the flames.

Portugal villager helps firefighters combat raging wildfire

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Televised images showed residents dousing homes and nearby woods to try to stave off the flames.

PORTUGAL WILDFIRES civilians fight forest fire

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Others search for their belongings in the ruins.   

In Madeira, more than 200 buildings in the regional capital and popular resort Funchal have been destroyed or damaged and some 1,000 people relocated.

Portugal wildfires woman cries ashes burned house

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Portugal applies for aid from the EU.

The EU is sending more firefighters and equipment to help control the fire. Meanwhile, many cities in the country are on high alert. 

Portugal Wildfires Burnt traffic signs

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