Cyclists arrested for breaking Olympic protest rules

London police say more than 100 people were arrested during a protest by cyclists during the Olympics opening ceremony.
Arrested cyclists are loaded onto a bus after a protest outside the Olympic Park during the 2012 Summer Olympics opening ceremony in London. (Matt Rourke/Associated Press)

More than 100 people were arrested during a protest by cyclists during the Olympics opening ceremony, police said Saturday.

Olympic scalpers caught

A German man and a Slovakian woman were charged Saturday by British police after plain clothes officers carried out an operation against scalpers on Friday night.

The two — and five others — were arrested just hours before the ceremony began at London's Olympic stadium.

Scotland Yard said it also detained 11 men Saturday over suspected ticket fraud — two have been bailed while inquiries continue, one has been freed and eight are being questioned.

"My team has been working tirelessly to clamp down," Det. Supt. Nick Downing said.

Scotland Yard said two groups of protesters were arrested near London's Olympic Park on suspicion of breaching protest conditions and causing a public nuisance.

The cyclists were identified as members of an activist cycling club that meets monthly for mass bike rides.

A police order had prohibited the protesters from travelling into the Olympic Park area in east London during Friday night's opening ceremony, but members had tried to pedal their way through the security cordon.

Officers scuffled with several pro-cycling activists as dozens of cyclists were blocked by police vans from proceeding, Scotland Yard said. No serious injuries were reported.

Police said some of those arrested were in police stations while some have been bailed, but no details were given.

Separately, a small radical Islamic group had planned a demonstration outside the Olympic Park to expose what it calls "the evil of the Olympics" Friday, but the protest was cancelled for no stated reason last week.