Costume-clad dad waves goodbye to son

A Utah stay-at-home dad dressed up in different costumes for more than 170 days to wave goodbye to his son every morning

A Utah stay-at-home dad dressed up in different costumes for more than 170 days to wave goodbye to his son every morning. What did his son do to deserve this? According to Dale Price, what his son did was love him.

"You know what he did, he loved me. And that's what he gets when he loves me, because I love him back, so I'm going to show it in these weird ways." Price told CBC's As It Happens.

Dale Price, dressed as Ariel from The Little Mermaid, waves at the school bus carrying his 16-year-old son, Rain. Prince dressed up every morning for more than 170 days outside their home in American Fork, Utah. ((
Price, from American Fork, Utah, explained that one day he and his wife noticed the school bus his son, Rain, usually took was driving by the front of their house — something that didn't usually happen. That led the couple to spontaneously run to their front lawn and wave goodbye to their son.

"He was trying to hide his face because he had two parents standing at the curb waving at him." Price said.

When 16-year old Rain came home that day, he begged his mother to not let his father go out and wave at him again. Hearing that, his father decided the game was on.

What started as a "whim" became something Dale would do for 170 days.

"I did, every day that he rode the bus I was waving at him, so it was 170 days, different costumes, I was out there waving at him, rain, snow or shine."

The costumes started out simple, a football jersey and helmet, some silly hats, but they eventually became elaborate. Over the course of Rain's school year, his father dressed as Ariel from the Little Mermaid, Princess Leia, Michael Jackson, Wonder Woman and a bride — to name a few.

"Probably the most popular is the toilet," Price said. "When I put the toilet in front of the house and sat on it with my pants around my ankles and reading a newspaper."

Many of the costumes were given to Price by his neighbours. "You would be shocked by the things neighbours have hiding in their closets." He said.

Within a few months, it wasn't just neighbours who became invested into the little stunt but also the bus driver and the kids on the bus who looked forward to seeing what Price would come up with next.

Dale's father — Rain's grandfather — found the entire thing amusing but never set out to embarrass Dale that way when he was young. "My father is a wonderful father and did great things for us and never did anything like that. I don't think he could comprehend doing that to us."

However, according to Dale, his son — the one who had to endure all his father's costumes over the course of his school year — is already thinking about what he can do if one day has a son. "Now he threatens to do it to his kids."